SWISSCAVE 2-zone wine coolers are specially designed for wine tempering at the perfect drinking temperature. SWISSCAVE Premium Edition wine coolers will meet your expectations for an uncompromising simplicity and purism. Due to the optical reduction to the essential and the consistent reduction to black casing, doorframe and door handle, this wine storage cabinet fits perfectly in its surrounding. Hotels, restaurants, pubs as well as in a kitchen, basement or a wine chamber in a wine lover’s own home. The door is 100% glass, held in by a filigree precious black metal frame, so you can gain an insight into the visible and easily accessible fine wines, stored on smoothly extendable and lockable wooden racks, as well as on the temperature displays. The sleek, black chrome steel door handle fits perfectly to the colour of the wine cooler but is optional. SWISSCAVE wine cabinets are designed to have low vibration levels, which is particularly important for storing wine longer-term. It has both the winter heating function and the compressor-driven combined active and passive convection cooling function.

SwissCave Dual Zone Coolers

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